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7 - 8 of April 2011

Location: Filmhuset, Stockholm

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Over the last years, Production Studies has developed into
a new field of inquiry going beyond traditional examinations
of authorship, industry structure, or active audiences.
Production Studies explore media as production cultures.
Studying production as a culture involves gathering empirical
data about careers and contracts, collaboration and
conflicts, routines and rituals. Production Studies likewise
involves the analytical work with texts and practices readily
available: trade stories and practitioner interviews, the
films themselves, biographies, or even promotional material
disclosing the “behind the scenes” of filmmaking.

Until recently, explorations in this new field of research have
almost exclusively been brought forward by US American scholars.

The Stockholm conference is a first European
intervention into this burgeoining field of study. So far,
contributions to this field within European research contexts
either have been confined to individual projects emanating
from disciplines not specializing in film and media,
such as organizational sociology, management studies, cultural
economics, and cultural anthropology, or they have
been narrowing down the focus on particular fields such as
screenwriting or animation. The wealth of current European
and American research on production thus remains

The Stockholm conference consequently sets out for an interdisciplinary dialogue which may help
to appropriate sociological and economical knowledge on
production within film and media studies research.