Hörsalen, Kungliga biblioteket/
The Auditorium, National Library of Sweden

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12/5 9.30–11.45

Screen Cultures Across Borders
Anne Bachmann, Stockholm University: ”Farm Models and Moving Pictures: Exhibiting Scandinavian-
American Relations in 1914-1915”

Doron Galili, University of Chicago: “From the Fallen Empires to the Mecca of the World: Immigrating to
Hollywood in The Last Command (1928)”

Marina Dahlquist, Stockholm University:
“Unhooking the Hookworm: The Rockefeller
Foundation and Mediated Health”

Lunch 11.45–13.15 13.15

Tricks, Illusions, and Delusions
Richard Abel, University of Michigan:
“Fantomas, the Mutable Phantom”

Mimi White, Northwestern University:
”Apparitional Media in the Age of Convergence”

Jeffrey Sconce, Northwestern University:
“Delusional Media”

13/5 10.00

Intermediality Revisited
Joel Frykholm, Stockholm University: “Remake/Remodel: George Kleine’s ‘Cycle of Film Classics’ ”

Tove Svensson, Stockholm University: “Radio on TV:
Simulcasts, Form, and Intermediaity in Sweden in the 1950’s”

William Boddy, Baruch College: “Reframing the
Spectacular: Marketing Digital Displays”

Lunch 12.00–13.30 13.30

The Politics of Media Design
Lynn Spigel, Northwestern University: “Eames
TV: Designer Television and Cold War Culture”

Max Dawson, Northwestern University: “Reception Problems: ‘Television’s Technical Culture,’ 1948-1952”

Pelle Snickars, National Library of Sweden:
“Media, Movement and the Net”