This course identifies and examines these factors along with various discourses on fashion. Elements in literature and art deserve special attention and will be analyzed during lectures and seminars. The history of dress offers an exceptional understanding of western society and its intimate connection to material culture. 
On completion of the course, the student is expected to be able to:
Discuss the historical development of dress and reflect on its social meanings
Critically evaluate different concepts and theoretical accounts that can be related to dress history
Analyze the role of clothing in transforming customs and values in society as well as the production of social discourses 
The course will cover the following subjects: 
Theories on dress history
Luxury discourse
Visual representations of fashion
Fashion and morality
Historical dresses in the museum

Course information

Course guidelines and reading list:  Course Guidelines and Literature list History of Dress Autumn 2015 (218 Kb)
Detailed schedule:  Detailed schedule History of Dress Fall 2015 (173 Kb)
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Apply to the course

History of Dress only begins in the Autumn semester.
The applications is made before April 15 via the Swedish site
More information:
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites and special admittance requirements: Bachelor's Degree and English B/English 6
Syllabus (pdf):  Kursplan FS1704 (Syllabus) (155 Kb)