The course introduces central theoretical perspectives in this field. It also aims at enabling students to dig deeper into issues of their own choosing.
Learning objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will have demonstrated their ability to:
Analyse, compare and evaluate social science theories and approaches to the fashion industry.
Apply these theories and approaches to relevant academic studies as well as to
contemporary social phenomena.
Take a critical stance on different theories and approaches.
Course content
The course will cover the following themes:
The origins, development and transition of the global fashion industry since the 18th century to the present
Fashion as a production system
The relationship between production, distribution and consumption of fashion
The role of cultural intermediaries in the fashion industry
Spatialities of the fashion industry
Fashion markets

Aesthetic labour

Course information

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Literature list: Litteratur - FS1409 - Fashion as an Industry VT16 (198 Kb)

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Fashion as an Industry only begins in the Spring semester.
The applications is made before October 15 via the Swedish site:
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Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites and special admittance requirements: Bachelor's Degree and English B/English 6
Syllabus: FS1409