'Swedish Cinema and Everyday Life: A study of cinema-going in its peak and decline' is the title of an ongoing research project financed by the national research council (VR)(2019-2021). It is positioned in the field of new cinema history and is inspired by projects such as Cinema Context (Karel Dibbets), The Enlightened City: Film exhibition and film consumption in Flanders (1895-2004) and Italian Cinema Audiences. Theoretically geared towards the historiographic concerns specific to a Swedish context, the project investigates cinema-going in its peak and decline in the industrial region of Bergslagen by applying a triangulation of methods and approaches. This involves oral history, archival work, the building of systematic databases for film programming and the mapping of film exhibition places. In collaboration with the national library (KB) the project will record and make available an important cultural heritage. It will also offer a fresh perspective on canonized film history by providing a history of cinema-going ‘from below’.