Sofia Bull försvarar sin avhandling i filmvetenskap, med den fullständiga titeln ”A Post-genomic Forensic Crime Drama: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Cultural Forum on Science”, lördagen den 1 december, kl. 10:00 i F-salen i Filmhuset.

 Avhandlingen är skriven på engelska och baksidestexten sammanfattar den som följer:

“The thesis examines how the forensic crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, 2000–) engages with discourses on science. Adopting a textual-historical approach, it studies the series’ wider cultural discursive context, genre linkages, and audio-visual form. Close textual readings of thematic tropes, narrative devices and visual imagery in CSI are supplemented by comparative analyses of earlier crime dramas and other relevant audio-visual material.

The study concludes that CSI stages a transnational cultural forum on science, simultaneously engaging with a number of different, and often contradictory, scientific ideas, perspectives and discursive shifts. Furthermore, it demonstrates that CSI specifically articulates a post-genomic ‘structure of feeling’, which expresses the emergent cultural implications of the increased instrumentalisation of molecular science and genetics in contemporary society.”

Avhandlingens fullständiga abstract



Anu Koivunen, Professor (IMS, SU)

Karen Lury, Professor (Theatre, Film and Television Studies, University of Glasgow)

Helen Wheatley, Dr. Associate Professor (Department of Film and TV Studies, University of Warwick)
Hillevi Ganetz, Professor (Institutionen för etnologi, religionshistoria och genusvetenskap, SU)
Bo Florin, Universitetslektor (IMS, SU)

Tid och plats:
lördag 1 december kl. 10:00 i F-salen, Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1-5