Omslagsbild: Emma Dahlin © 2018
Omslagsbild: Emma Dahlin © 2018

Kort sammanfattning på engelska (abstract):
Against the backdrop of changing technological conditions of the contemporary media landscape, new questions arise regarding how audience can be can problematized and theorized. In relation to audience studies, the dissertation makes a theoretical contribution by connecting insights from recent debates on ontology and multiplicity in STS to empirical explorations of audience, thus widening the scope of the theoretical explanatory basis. The empirical contribution is to demonstrate that rather than a natural and stable structure, much work is invested in trying to maintain multiplicity even in the single audience practice of the Gallifrey Base forum. This suggests that ontologically fixed and given theoretical notions of audience are not compatible with contemporary audience practice. Audience practice, it is found, may include a range of multiple modes, which calls for attentiveness to the situated work carried out by various actors in the achievement of audience. In light of these findings, it is argued that approaching audience as ontology-in-practice provides a foundation for further theorizations of contemporary audience.

Fakultetsopponent: Professor Charles M. Ess, Universitet i Oslo
Docent Amanda Lagerkvist, Stockholms universitet 
Docent Mats Björkin, Göteborgs universitet
Fil.dr. Jacob Bjur, Göteborgs universitet
Suppleant i betygsnämnden: Professor Karin Helmersson Bergmark, Stockholms universitet
Ordförande: Professor Anna Roosvall, Stockholms universitet
Handledare: Professor Alexa Robertson, Stockholms universitet, kommer att närvara vid överläggningarna.