1:15-2:45 PM

Frank Kessler & Sabine Lenk °Utrecht University°
From Kinoreform to Film- und Bildstelle: Towards an Institutionalisation of Educational Film in Düsseldorf

Nico de Klerk °Independent scholar°
How an Institute Learns about Cinema

3:15-4:45 PM

Oliver Gaycken °University of Maryland°
"A Casual Glance Reveals a Perfect Mine of Treasures”: George Kleine’s Catalogue of Educational Motion Pictures

Joel Frykholm °Stockholm University°
George Kleine and the “Institutional Film Exchange”: An Experiment in Non-Theatrical Film Distribution

5:00-7:00 PM Film screening in Bio Mauritz



10.30-12:00 PM
Marina Dahlquist °Stockholm University°
Partners in Screen Education: Philanthropic Organizations and the Film Industry

Zoë Druick and Paul Moore °Simon Fraser University/Ryerson University°
Competing Jurisdictions: The Unlikely Emergence of the National Film Board of Canada


1.30-3:00 PM
Gregory A. Waller °Indiana University°
Solving the Problem and Seizing the Opportunity of Non-Theatrical Film Distribution

Lee Grieveson °University College London°
The State of Extension

3.30-4:00 PM Wrap up Plenary lead by Gregory A. Waller