Greta Gober Photo: Pawel Manka © 2018
Greta Gober, postdoc in Journalism at Stockholm University. Photo: Pawel Manka © 2018

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More about Greta Gober

Researcher: No toilets for women in Indian public service broadcaster (IMS Homepage, 8 April 2019).
”Is the Polish film industry ready for #MeToo?” (IMS Homepage, 22 October 2018).
Handbook on working towards gender equality in the media (IAWRT, 2019). 
In October 2018 Greta Gober joined the JMK Leading Research Environment in Global Media Studies and Politics of Mediated Communication at the Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University, for a postdoctoral fellowship in Journalism. She is currently working with organizational responses to online harassment of female journalists in Sweden. Read more about her research.
Organizations. Greta Gober is a board member of the International Association of Women in Radio and Television, IAWRT, and a member of The Global Alliance on Media and Gender, GAMAG.