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Kort sammanfattning på engelska (abstract):

This study investigates the ways in which private home movies are transformed into curated archival objects. Through the concept of the archival home movie, the dissertation explores the impact of preservation and content description on access, use, and, thus, regional historiography. Using material from the University of Mississippi’s Home Movie Collection as a case study, the dissertation centers on the practice of researching family films in the archive. In recent years, home movies and amateur film have become topics of interest in studies of non-theatrical film as sources for unofficial histories. This dissertation intervenes into these discussions of the cultural value of home movies as a hands-on and self-reflexive investigation into the archive itself, as well as an activation of the archive. This methodology includes stagings of the home movie in live screenings, through which the dissertation investigates modes of spectator engagement with the historical material. Read more.


Mer om disputationsprovet för avläggande av doktorsexamen i filmvetenskap: 

Fakultetsopponent: Professor Patricia Zimmermann, Ithaca College, USA
Professor Anne Jerslev, Köpenhamns universitet
Dr. Eirik Frisvold Hanssen, Nasjonalbiblioteket
Professor John Sundholm, Stockholms universitet
Suppleant: Professor Helena Wulff, Stockholms universitet

Ordförande: Professor Maaret Koskinen, Stockholms universitet
Handledare: Docent Malin Wahlberg - kommer att närvara vid överläggningarna.