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More about Annette Hill

Annette Hill is a Professor of Media and Communication at Lund University, Sweden, and Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster, UK. Her research focuses on audiences and popular culture, with interests in media engagement, everyday life, genres, production studies and cultures of viewing. She is the author of seven books, and many articles and book chapters which address varieties of engagement with reality television, news and documentary, television drama, entertainment formats, live events and sports entertainment, film violence, media ethics. Her most recent book is Reality TV: Key Ideas (Routledge 2015). Other books include Paranormal Media (Routledge 2011), Restyling Factual TV (2007), Reality TV (2005), The Television Studies Reader (with Robert C Allen 2003), TV Living (with David Gauntlett 1999), and Shocking Entertainment (1997). Her next book is Media Experiences (Routledge 2017). She is the programme leader for the Msc in Media and Communication. Read more at the Lund University Homepage.

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