Foto: photolady © Mostphotos 2011
Photo: photolady © Mostphotos 2011

From sometime in March, every employee has to register their bank details with Danske Bank to receive their wages on their regular bank account once the university’s change of bank is completed. Swedish banking secrecy forbids Nordea (Stockholm university’s bank at present) to notify Danske Bank about the accounts belonging to their employees.

In March, all employees will be informed via email on how to register their account to Danske Bank. Everyone will receive a link to Danske Bank's website where they are asked to submit information about their account (by using e-ID or Bank ID).

In relation to this change, each employee is asked to check that his or her address information provided in Primula is the right one - and see to that they have an electronic ID or Bank ID.

Barbara Pol, HR administrator, Department of Media Studies