Professor in Cinema Studies

Marina Dahlquist was awarded her Ph.D. at Stockholm University October 26th 2001 for the thesis ”The Invisible Seen in French Cinema Before 1917.”

Recent publications

 • Recent publications include:

• ”Screening Congo in Swedish Churches — Johan Hammar’s Missionary Films 1915-16”, in Peripheral Early Cinema, François Amy de la Bretèque, Michel Cadé, Jordi Pons i Busquet, and Angel Quintana (eds.) (Perpignan: Presses Universitaires de Perpignan, 2010), 257-268.

• ”Teaching Citizenship via Celluloid,” in Early Cinema and the National, Richard Abel, Giorgio Bertellini and Rob King (eds.) (New Barnet, UK: John Libbey Publishing Ltd, 2008), 118-131.

• ”’Swat the Fly’. Educational Films and Health Campaigns 1909-1914,” in • Kinoöffentlichkeit/Cinema's Public Sphere, Corinna Müller (ed.) (Marburg: • Schüren Verlag, 2008), 211-225.

Ongoing research

• Marina Dahlquist’s primary research interests are historical reception studies, educational films, and issues of globalization.

• Dr Dahlquist is a recipient of a research grant from Swedish Research Council (2011-2013) within the project "Cinema and uplift: health discourses and social activism in the U.S. 1910-1930." She is presently finishing a book manuscript for an anthology on the so-called serial craze of the 1910's as a cross-cultural phenomenon with the title: "Exporting Perilous Pauline: Pearl White and the Serial Film Craze" for University of Illinois Press.


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