Postdoc in Cinema Studies

Ongoing Research

Dr. Guido Kirsten is currently working on a Post-Doc project entitled “Film Style and the Modernist Shift”. The project’s objective is to contribute to the theory of film style and to further the understanding of the aesthetic shift to modernism in European art cinema in the 1960s. Kirsten is member of the Post-Doc section of the interdisciplinary Research School of Aesthetics. He also participates in the A History of Cinema without Names project (based in Udine).

Recent Publications

- "Roland Barthes und das Kino. Ein Überblick". In: Montage AV 24,1 (2015), S. 9–29.

- "Programmatic and Proto-Reflexive Realism: Feuillade’s La tare (1911) and Erreur tragique (1913)». In: Jordi Pons & Àngel Quintana (eds.), Objectivitat i efectes de veritat. El cinema dels primers temps i la tradició realista – Objectivity and the Effects of Truth. Early Cinema And The Realist Tradition. Girona: Fundació Mueseu del Cinema-Collectió Tomàs Mallol & Ajuntament de Girona 2015, S. 141–152.

- "Gleichheitseffekt, Empathie, Reflexion, Begehren. Politiken des Realismus". In: Montage AV 23,2 (2014), S. 77–104.

- "Fictions of Everydayness: Focalization Patterns and Narrative 'Reality Effects'" in Police, Adjective and Other Films from the Romanian New Wave». In: Photogénie 2 [].

Essays in Press

- «Barthes’ Early Film Semiology and the Legacy of Filmology in Metz». In: Margrit Tröhler & Guido Kirsten (eds.), Christian Metz and the Codes of Cinema. Semiology and Beyond. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

- «Thesen zur Theorie des Filmstils. Intensionalität, Kontingenz und Wes Andersons  Hotel Chevalier». In: Julian Blunk, Tina Kaiser, Dietmar Kammerer & Chris Wahl (eds.) Filmstil. Perspektivierungen eines Begriffs zwischen Ästhetik, Praxis und Theorie. Berlin: Edition Text & Kritik.


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