Pågående doktorandprojekt

  • Chis Baumann: The Netflix Experience: Home-Viewing Cultures in Transition
  • Olivia Eriksson: Breaking Boundaries: Embodied Perception in Experimental Cinema and Gallery Film
  • Kim Fahlstedt: Chineseness on The American Screen. A study of representations of the Chinese Identity in San Francisco film exhibition 1906-1926
  • Gert Jan Harkema: "All true and all false": the viewing experience at the early moving images as presence in the absence of (film) language
  • Kristoffer Noheden: Surrealism, film och den nya myten
  • Jonathan Rozenkrantz: Video-Film: Histories of Hybrid Cinema
  • Ashley Smith: Versions of a Shared Past: The University of Mississippi's Home Movie Collection and the Renegotiation of Regional History
  • Tove Thorslund: Swedish Television 1954-1963: Politics, Production and Popular Culture
  • Annika Wickman: Shaping Soldiers: Cinema in Swedish Military Education 1901–1939