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Research Profile Cinema Studies

Research in the Section for Cinema Studies has been defined nationally as outstanding and internationally prominent by Stockholm University and external evaluators.

Cinema Thumb

Cinema Studies - study information Fall 2017

Comprehensive info regarding, schedule, course texts and registration.

Masters programme Cinema
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Schedules & Course Texts


Student Office

Phone: +46(0)8 674 76 27

Student Counsellor

Henrik Schröder
Phone: +46(0)8 674 76 28

International Coordinator

Joakim Hellberg

Office hours reception:

Monday 14-16 in Filmhuset Students office
Thursday 13-16 in Filmhuset Students office
At JMK Karlavägen 104, floor 5
Mon-Thu 9-12


PhD Programmes (Cinema Studies)

Maaret Koskinen



Schedules & Course Texts