Mauritz Stiller

The Department of Media Studies and the Swedish Film Institute are hosting a symposium on Mauritz Stiller, October 14-16. Presentations are free. Purchase tickets for the screenings at or at the box office one hour before the show. Tuesday's presentations are free and open to the public.


Speakers and Participants

  • Mary Ann Doane
  • Tom Gunning
  • Hiroshi Komatsu
  • Lars Gustaf Andersson
  • Anne Bachmann
  • Arne Lunde
  • Jan Olsson
  • Anna Sofia Rossholm
  • Jaakko Seppälä

Date and Venue

October 14-16, Filmhuset, Stockholm


Sunday, October 14, 18.00-19.45 - Bio Victor, Filmhuset

Film screening in conjunction with SFI and Cinemateket:
Erotikon (Mauritz Stiller, 1920), 106 min, introduced by Louise Wallenberg


Monday, October 15, 17.00-20.15 - Bio Victor, Filmhuset

Film screening in conjunction with SFI and Cinemateket:
Vingarne (Mauritz Stiller, 1916), 50 min
Thomas Graals bästa film (Mauritz Stiller, 1918), 80 min

Discussion: Tom Gunning (University of Chicago) and Mary Ann Doane (University of California-Berkeley), moderated by Laura Horak (Stockholm University)


Tuesday, October 16, 09.00-20.00 - Bio Mauritz, Filmhuset


Welcome & Introduction: Bo Florin, Laura Horak, Louise Wallenberg


Lars Gustaf Andersson (Lund University), “Love and Journalism: Unsynchronized Modernities"

10.00 Laura Horak (Stockholm University), "Sex, Politics, and Thomas Graals bästa barn"
10.30 Break / Fika

Anne Bachmann (Stockholm University), “Stage actors in trans-Scandinavian flux: The cases of Gränsfolken (1913) and Madame de Thèbes (1915)

11.30 Jan Olsson (Stockholm University), “Stiller's Last Laugh”



Bo Florin (Stockholm University), “Stiller in Constantinople”


Arne Lunde (University of California, Los Angeles), “Stiller vid Stilla havet: Mauritz Stiller in Hollywood's Swedish Colony and 1920s Los Angeles”

14.00 Break / Fika

Anna Sofia Rossholm (Linnaeus University), “Auteurism and National Identity in French Reception of Swedish Cinema of the ‘Golden Age’”

15.00 Jaakko Seppälä (University of Helsinki), “Mauritz Stiller's Influence on Finnish Filmmakers of the 1920s”
15.30 Hiroshi Komatsu (Waseda University, Tokyo), "Research from a Distance: The Alienated Aspects in Mauritz Stiller's Works"
16.15 Short Break

Concluding discussion: Tom Gunning, Mary Ann Doane, Hiroshi Komatsu, Bo Florin, Louise Wallenberg, Laura Horak

17.30 Reception at Filmhuset

Film screening at Bio Victor, Filmhuset  (in conjunction with SFI and Cinemateket):
Hotel Imperial (Mauritz Stiller, 1927), 79 min.


Organized by: Bo Florin, Laura Horak and Louise Wallenberg, with the help of Petrine Knight.

Click here to download:  Mauritz Stiller's Symposium Flyer #2 (236 Kb)

Hosted by the Stockholm University Department of Media Studies --
Section for Film Studies and the Center for Fashion Studies;
With the generous support of the Rector's Strategic Fund, the Swedish Film Institute, and Cinemateket.