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Education at Department of Media Studies

Department of Media Studies (Intstitutionen för mediestudier - IMS) is home to four main subjects: Cinema Studies, Fashion Studies, Journalism and Media and Communication Studies.

The hallmark of the Department is the international profile in both research and education. We have three two year International Master's programmes - all completely taught in English by our staff. We also have a number of free standing independent courses on both first and second cycle level - likewise taught by our staff, and in English of course.

This means that we can accomodate both long term international Master's students as well as a shorter stay like exchange students - both from our partner universities and from other universities with agreements with Stockholm University.

IMS Spring 2020

Courses taught in English Spring 2020

We offer a wide range of courses (and programmes) taught in English. If you are an Exchange student, free mover or just plainly interested you may find what you search for here. Many of the courses taught in English are second cycle/advanced level courses - often part of Master's programme - that requiers previuos knowledge and even Bachelor degrees or equivalent, but some on basic level are open for most students.

Journalism and Media and Communication Studies

Global Media Studies

The Section for Journalism and Media and Communication studies, at IMS, Stockholm University, provides undergraduate, master's and postgraduate education in the subjects journalism and media and communication studies. We are a multidisciplinary section where teachers and researchers are related to subjects in both the humanities and social sciences.
The fact that the section provides academic education both in studies for professional journalism and in journalism studies and media and communication studies emphasizes the culture and the environment of the unit. This is not least because experiences and competencies from journalism's professional areas and academic studies and research are mixed.

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Our Master´s Programme in Global Media Studies

Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies examines the history, theories, aesthetics and features from early films to today's multimedial landscape. We are one of Europe's largest disciplines in Cinema Studies, and one of the leading research areas in the humanities at Stockholm University. We are in the Film House at Gärdet, a unique building that was built as a tribute to the film and today is a gathering place for all kinds of film activities. Moving image media - movies, television and digital photos - play an ever increasing role in an increasingly globalized world.

The subject of Cinema Studies provides critical tools for analyzing moving images on a human-historical and cultural theoretical basis both in historical and contemporary perspectives. The discipline is interdisciplinary, intermediary and pluralistic in both historiographical and theoretical terms.

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Our Master´s Programme in Cinema Studies

Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies examines fashion history, social functions, theory and aesthetics. Fashion is analyzed and theorized from a multidisciplinary perspective, including aesthetic object, cultural phenomenon, industrial system and identity marker. The education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate level offers a varied and multifaceted approach to the various aspects of fashion.
Fashion Studies can include studies of fashion on the catwalk, street, home, business, everyday life and party. It can happen globally or locally. As a student in Fashion Studies you will be able to study and analyze fashion as process and fashion in its different forms from the introductory course.

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All IMS 2018

We offer high quality programmes and courses in areas such as Journalism, Media, Communication, Cinema Studies and Fashion Studies. The Department is one of the nation's leading research and education environment with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Follow the links in the menu at the left for more information about international courses at the Department of Media Studies.

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The Department of Media Studies offers high quality education in Cinema Studies, Journalism, Media, Communication and Fashion Studies. In the menu to the left you find which courses that are available in English.

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Meet our students

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