The Student Counsellors is an important contact for you as a student. We can help you with study technique and to make informed educational choices. You can turn to the counsellor on issues related to, for example, disability, course design, course content, study breaks, accreditation of prior studies, exams and individual study. Study guidance may also be a contact link to other resources within the university.

Study technique and support

To be a student at the University you may find yourself in need off support and assistance in your studying, the student counsellor can help you with your study technique - not only how to read or write, but also how to find the tools and information needed to make the most out of your studying - including finding other resources at the University aimed to students in need of help.

Link between student and department

The Student Counsellor is also a link between the student and the department regarding the education and its staff. If there are opionions/questions regarding the education, study environment, managing of courses, the student counsellor should be contacted to help or assist the student/students in finding the best way to solve an eventual issue.

Professional secrecy

The Student Counsellor also has professional secrecy: obligation to observe silence, in contact with students. This means that you can talk to the Student Counsellor anonymously. 


Student Counsellors at the Department

Cinema and Fashion Studies

  • International Coordinator

    Joakim Hellberg


Section for Journalism, Media and Communication


Student Counsellor

Emelie Jamieson
Phone: +46(0)8 16 44 06
Phone hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00-11:00 am
Office hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 13:00-14:00 am  (other hours by appointment).
Visiting address: JMK, Karlavägen 104