Welcome email:

Are you admitted to any of our courses? In that case, you will receive a welcome email from us from January 5, 2021. The email will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you applied for the course at www.antagning.se or universityadmissions.se.

NOTE: To retain your place on the course, you must register online, unless otherwise stated. The welcome email contains all the information you need for web registration.

Exceptions from web registration: exchange studies (see below) and certain applicants within the master's program - registration according to information from the department.

Web registration - how to do it:

1: Activate your university account - otherwise you can not register

Before you can register online, you must first activate your university account. You do this on the page aktiva.su.se. There you also order your university card.

2: Register - otherwise you will lose your place!

You register online at student.ladok.se. If you do not register by the deadline, you will lose your place.


Date of web registration:

For courses starting 18/1 (Period 1), you can register online:

  • 5/1 - 14/1

For courses starting 23/3 (period 2) you can register online:

  • 5/1 - 21/3

Reserve/waiting list - admitted as a reserve

From 11 to 18 January, eventual reserves are admitted. If you are admitted, you will receive a welcome email from us which you must respond to within the specified time. Check your email (and even spam) daily during this period so that you do not miss important information and risk losing your place.

Conditionally admitted - accepted with conditions (Vi)

You who have been accepted with conditions can not register for the course until we have been able to see that you are eligible. If you have written a re-examination late in the semester, it may need to be corrected before the condition lock can be removed. If you still can not register on January 14, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will see why the condition lock has not been removed.

Master's programme Student

You will recieve a Welcome mail and register online.


Exchange students arriving on Departmental or Central Exchange Agreements (Erasmus+, Nordplus, Civis, Nordlys or Bilateral Central agreement) will be registred before semester starts for the courses they are admitted to at the Department.
Spring 2021: Accepted Exchange Students will be invited personally for an online introduction meeting.
For further contact: exchange@ims.su.se


Find your course info

Schedule and course literature can be found here on your course in the education catalog.


Student with a disability / functional variation

Apply for support already as an admitted student or as soon as you have been registered. Stockholm University offers various forms of educational support for people with permanent disabilities. The support offered depends on your situation and is intended to facilitate your studies. Apply for support as soon as you have been registered.


The learning platform ATHENA

Once you have registered, you will access the course's course page in Athena.

Athena is the learning platform we use. Athena is part of "It's learning". In practice, Athena will be your main place during the courses you study.

NOTE: You must be a registered student on the course - otherwise you will not be able to access Athena.

Each course you are registered for has an Athena page - a "Course page".

There you will find updates and information from the course coordinator, schedule, plans, tasks and other things that you need during your education.

If you do not find your Athena page - contact the student office.

Tip: download the It's Learning app.

Forms of education Department of Media Studies Spring 2021

Due to Covid-19 and in accordance with Stockholm University's guidelines and decisions, the spring of 2021 will look different from regular semesters. Distance learning will be the main form of teaching.

The teaching at the Department of Media Studies during Spring Semester 2021 will mostly take place on-line. 

30/1 a decision is made on certain courses / modules that begin the second part of the semester.

Check this link for specific course information
If you have a reason for not being able to participate in our courses at the department, that should not be Online teaching format - you may attend on-line. Contact the responsible teacher for detailed arrangements.

We follow Stockholm University's decisions and recommendations on teaching.


If you have questions about registration, contact our student offices on the subject you are going to study:

Cinema Studies: studentinfo@mail.film.su.se

Fashion Studies: infofashion@ims.su.se

Media and Communication Studies exp@jmk.su.se

Journalism: exp@jmk.su.se

EXCHANGE: exchange@ims.su.se

MASTER PROGRAMME: master@ims.su.se