Plagiarism consists of:

  • Students copying from each other;
  • Students copying from internet, books, articles or other sources without a clear reference;
  • Students passing a work or a citation as their own when it is not;
  • All kind of cut-and-paste writing strategies.

Any incident of this kind will be reported to the Disciplinary committee of Stockholm University. In case you are found guilty you might be suspended from the University for a period of time.

In order to avoid plagiarism you need to:

  • Precise your sources by referring to the author, the book and the page in question;
  • Precise your internet references by copying the URL and give the date you visited the page and the name of the author (if availiable).
  • Mark that you are using someone else’s words by marking it with a quotation mark;
  • Precise whose thoughts you are presenting if they are not your own;
  • Not pass your work to others.

Writing about your own ideas in your own words is part of the learning process and will improve your ability to think independently and express your thoughts in English.