Why register?

Besides being a requirement for living in Sweden for one year or more, registering with the Tax Agency has many benefits since almost any private service (banking, phone plans) and all government services are based on you having an all-digits PIN-number. Without it, you will find many basic services difficult to access.

When to register?

After you have registered for studies and have a permanent address in Sweden.

What to bring for registration

What to bring varies with on your nationality and family situation - please visit www.skatteverket.se for updated information.

Where is Skatteverket?

The closest offices are at Lindhagensgatan 76 (Kungsholmen) or Regeringsgatan 109 (Stockholm City).

ID-card with BankID

After you have received your Swedish PIN “Personnummer” you will be able to apply for an ID-card at Skatteverket Lindhagensgatan 76 Kungsholmen. The card also contains a digital ID “BankID” which allows you to use a wide range of secure online services (banking, government agencies, and a range of other services).

Updating Your Info at Stockholm University

SU will not automatically get notified by Skatteverket of your new PIN "personnummer". Please bring the letter from Skatteverket and your passport to the Information Desk at Studenthuset Frescati to replace your T-number.

Always use the Stockholm University login option at www.universityadmisions.se to apply with the correct account for 2nd and 3rd semester electives.