Outgoing Students

Outgoing Students

As an IMS student you have the opportunity to study abroad when allowed within your educational program structure. Exchange studies are tuition free if you are a non-paying student and your credits from abroad are transferred back to Stockholm University after completion of your stay.

When to Apply?

A semester/year abroad requires 6-12 months of advance planning.

Exchange Studies in the Nordics

The Nordic Council of Ministers program Nordplus allows for student mobility within the Nordic countries via area networks. A small grant is awarded for student mobility. Subject area networks (Nordplus) are handled by IMS and university networks (Nordlys) is administrated by the International Office at SU.

Exchange Studies in Europe - Erasmus+

The revised European Commission educational programme Erasmus+ enables students to spend 3-12 months at an IMS partner university in Europe and receive financial aid for extra costs.

Exchange Studies Outside of Europe

Stockholm University’s bilateral university-wide agreements gives you the opportunity to go on exchange studies all over the world, as far away as New Zealand or Chile! There are no grants available through SU for this exchange type, but tuition fees at the receiving university are waived. Seats are limited and applications close as early as a year ahead of departure!

Internships in Europe - Erasmus+

All students at Stockholm University can apply for internships within the Erasmus+ framework. Students find their own internships, but are provided with an insurance and a small grant.

Nominated Students Erasmus & Nordplus

Information for nominated students - what happens now?


Exchange Studies Contact

Birgitta Fiedler
Exchange Coordinator



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