A number of different scholarship programs are in place to support your studies abroad by covering some of the extra cost when studying in Europe, the Nordic Countries, and selected universities in the Arctic region. Scholarships are also available for internships within Europe and for unpaid internships within international organisations, primarily within EU and UN organisations.

Transferring you Credits

A necessary condition for studying abroad is that your credits can be transferred back to Stockholm University upon completion of you exchange studies. To ensure that your courses are compatible with your study programme and transferrable to Stockholm University, they must be pre-approved in a Learning Agreement.

Learning Agreement for Studies

A Learning Agreement is a document to signed by the Department, the exchange student (you), and the partner university before departure and is a pre-approval of the specific courses you intend to take at the partner university and subsequently transfer back to Stockholm University.

What Courses Can I Take?

What you can study depends on two factors:

  1. Your study program - how much room there is for non-mandatory courses and how many credits you need in your main subject.
  2. Your previous studies - you cannot elect courses with overlapping/too similar content as other courses to be applied towards your degree.

Program Students

If you are a master's program student, your program requirements will limit your options and when you can study abroad - please consult with your coordinator before applying. Completing a program with a semester abroad requires planning in advance - see our Graduate Student Pages.

How is my GPA affected?

GPA is not used at Stockholm University and grades from your exchange studies will not be recorded in our study documentation system. Only completed credits can be transferred.