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Who Can apply?

  • Registered students who have completed at least 30 ECTS by the time of application and 60 ECTS before departure at the Department of Media Studies.
  • Master program students who will have completed 30 ECTS before the start of the exchange.

Please note:

  • Students who have already taken part in an exchange will not be prioritized
  • Master's students are given priority
  • PhD students can only participate as teachers, not students
  • The Program is open for all nationalities

Where Can I Go?

To all universitites who are in the same area network:

Nordplus Network for Media and Communication

Nätverket Nordisk journalistutbildning

When Can I Go?

  • During normal semester months 1-12 months
  • Express mobility any time 5-30 days (no fixed application period)

Different universities have varying lengths and semester dates.

When to Apply?

  • For fall semesters/entire AYs exchange: March 1 - 31
  • For spring semesters only: September 1 - 15

How to Apply?

  1. Confirm that you meet the above requirements.
  2. Contact your coordinator to ensure that there are funds available.
  3. For express mobility - contact your coordinator directly.
  4. Review which universities and which course they offer that you can participate in. Please take your time to review courses and ensure that they are relevant for you and your degree.


When Will I be Notified?

You will know if you have been nominated or not within a week. NB! Always apply for courses at SU for the coming semester as an insurance policy should your exchange be canceled!

Can I Apply Courses From the Exchange Towards my Degree From SU?

Yes, given that they are university level courses without content overlaps. Read more about Learning Agreements here.

How Large is the Grant?

The grant covers som of the extra expenses arising when studying abroad and varies by country. The exact amount is determined by the network but is normally 200 euro/month + travel grant.

Are Nordplus Exchange Stays Free?

Yes, tuition fees are waived if you are tuition fee exempt at SU. If you are a paying student, you will keep paying tuition as if you were studying at SU. You will also have to cover your own accommodation costs just like you would when studying at SU. If you are entitled to financial aid from CSN for studies in Sweden, you can maintain your loan and grant support when studying abroad. For more information about financial aid - please see

What Language Skills do I Need?

Normally, you need to reach at least CEFR B2 to to be successful when studying in another language.


If there are more applicants than seats, the following criteria applies:

  1. Complete application with suggestions for 30 ECTS of courses/modules
  2. Letter of Motivation containing all 3 required points
  3. Prior exchange studies (new participants are given priority)
  4. Level: Graduate students are given priority over undergraduate students
  5. Relevance of studies for the agreement and the chosen courses/modules at partner university.
  6. Merit score from the last 60 ECTS of coursework that the student has been registered for at SU. Every module of 7,5 ECTS gives a value from 1-5 (A=5, E=1) and are added up to a merit score.
    1. a. Ex. Student 1: 45hp with marks A+B+C+D+E+C = 5+4+3+2+1+3 = 18 points.
    2. b. Ex. student 2: 75hp with marks A+B+F+E+B+C+D+C in the last 60hp = 5+4+0+1+4+3+2+3 = 22 points.
    3. c. Ex. student 3: 30hp with marks A+A+A+A = 5+5+5+5 = 20 points.
  7. Active participation in the SU Buddy Program
  8. Toss