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Information for exchange students at the Department of Media Studies.

Academic Calendar

Semester dates and public holiday information


Only students officially nominated from our partner universities can apply

Credit Transfer

How to transfer your credits to your home university

Confirmation of Arrival/Stay

Please collect your arrival and confirmation of stay documents during the first and last week of your stay.

Courses for Exchange Students

Course selection information for incoming exchange students - see related links at the bottom of the page for catalogue and course links.

Housing for Exchange Students

Stockholm University cannot guarantee housing for all exchange students, but we are doing our best to find accommodation for your stay in Stockholm.

IT Services

Wifi access, printing and library services, learning platforms and schedule tools

Learning Agreement

Your Learning Agreement (LA) can be signed after your course selection has been completed.

Welcome Activities and Arrival

Give your semester a flying start by attending the Welcome Activities at Frescati Main Campus!

Swedish Language Courses

Take the opportunity to learn Swedish during your stay!

Syllabi and Schedules

Find your schedules and syllabi here one month before your course starts


Exchange Studies Contact

Birgitta Fiedler
Exchange Coordinator