• Incoming exchange students coming through the Department’s exchange networks or agreements must take at least 15 ECTS from the Department of Media Studies.
  • The remaining 15 ECTS may be chosen from any other department given that the entry requirements for each course is fulfilled.
  • All students must take 30 ECTS/semester or be engaged in full-time studies in case of shorter exchanges.

To Consider

  • Most courses are recurring (comes back every spring or fall semester) while some are replaced. Which semester is best for you to come to Stockholm varies with your subject area, level, and language abilities.
  • Students from Denmark, Norway, and Finnish students proficient in Swedish can take courses taught in Swedish.
  • All courses listed here are open to exchange students who have a suitable study background. The course selection is made in the incoming application form. Each student’s selection is then reviewed, discussed and confirmed individually.
  • Undergraduate (bachelor) non-Swedish speakers and interested in Cinema Studies should always come during spring semesters - there is only one course (15 ECTS) in English offered during fall semesters.