Teaching Staff Mobility (STA) through Erasmus+ or Nordplus may be possible if three main criteria can be fulfilled:

  1. There is a mobility agreement in place /  both are part of the same Nordplus network
  2. a min of 8h / 2 days of total teaching time /mobility days is possible (lectures, seminars, supervision, examination)
  3. suitable course modules are offered during proposed mobility period

Please note that we can only accomodate incoming staff if there are suitable course/modules available and if we have staff resources to receive you at the Department.  

Teachers interested in coming to the Department within the Erasmus+ or Nordplus frameworks should follow these steps:

  1. Check if there is an active Erasmus+ STA agreement in our Exchange Database between our departments: Search for your university /city in text search (ex. Berlin) or if we are part of the same Nordplus network: Nordplus Network for Media and Communication or Nätverket Nordisk journalistutbildning
  2. Find a course or several you are interested in here
  3. It may also possible to hold public lectures and participate in research seminars.
  4. Send an inquiry via e-mail to exchange@ims.su.se with your ideas of what you could contribute with during your mobility and which forum it might be suitable for. Please include:
  • proposed mobility period (min 8h / 2 days)
  • CV or link to your research profile
  • Suggestions for teaching activities (i.e. 1-2 page proposal for lecture/seminar)
  • You can also browse our research database and find matching scholars and overlapping topics.

For us to be better able to accommodate you, please contact us no later than May 1 for mobility during fall semesters (September - January) and no later than November 1 for mobility during spring semesters (January - June).