PhD Studies

PhD Studies - doctoral programmes in 4 areas

Foto: Eva Dahlin, SU

The Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University offers a doctoral programme in four different areas; media and communication studies, journalism studies, cinema studies and fashion studies, leading to the Swedish degree of 'filosofie doktor' (Ph.D.).

Criteria for the department's PhD student salary scale

The doctoral programmes at the Department of Media Studies consist both of courses of 60 higher education credits, and a thesis of 180 credits. The PhD student salary scale is partitioned into three levels: first of all the commencing wages, secondly as soon as the 50 percent of the demands for the Swedish doctoral degree ’filosofie doktor’ (Ph.D.) have been accomplished, and thirdly when 80 percent of the demands are met.

PhD studies at JMK

The Section for Journalism, Media and Communication Studies (JMK) offers a doctoral programme in 2 different areas; Media and communication studies and Journalism studies, leading to the Swedish degree of 'filosofie doktor' (Ph.D.).

PhD programme in Fashion Studies 240 ECTS

PhD Students in Fashion Studies conduct research in the context of a Humanities environment.


Head of Department

John Sundholm

Deputy Head of Department

Ester Pollack

Directors of Studies for third-cycle (doctoral)

Cinema Studies
Marina Dahlquist

Fashion Studies
Klas Nyberg

Journalism/Media and Communication Studies
Anja Hirdman