Graduates will be well prepared and eligible for further academic studies (Ph.D.). A smaller percentage of graduates are currently enrolled in doctoral studies at the Department of Media Studies and at other universities in Sweden and abroad.

Global Media Studies Alumni can be found in a variety of professional fields, most commonly within Communication and PR, Advertising, Research, and Media Production. Many stay in Stockholm and a majority find relevant job opportunities already within 6 months of graduation.

Graduates will have acquired solid analytical and research skills, enabling them to process and evaluate large amounts of information and/or complex issues and communicate key points and findings in a comprehensible and structured way to different audiences.

Other transferrable skills include presentation and public speaking, time-management, teamwork, and collaborative skills. These skills in combination with knowledge and understanding of media can then be applied in a professional job setting.

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss students have the opportunity to stay for 6 months after graduation to look for work or start a business (application required before graduation).

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