A broad and general theoretical understanding of the role of media in society, politics, and culture acquired through academic studies is necessary to follow this Programme.

Degree Requirements

Successful applicants usually have a strong theoretical academic background equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields listed below, including an extensive and independently written thesis/dissertation having to do with media in some way:

  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Media and Cultural Studies
  • Political Science, European Studies, International Relations
  • Journalism or Journalism and Communication with a significant academic component
  • Communication and Information/Culture/New Media

Please note that having a degree in one of these fields does not mean that you are eligible by default. Equally, having a degree in a field not listed does not make you ineligible. All applicants receive a thorough evaluation of their individual merits.

Due to very large variations in the actual content of degrees with similar or identical titles, we are unable to provide a definite list of degrees or make preliminary assessments regarding eligibility.

Students in their last year of undergraduate studies are eligible to apply. Admitted students MUST present a Bachelor's degree upon registration to enroll.

Students in their final year of bachelor's studies >>

Language Requirements

In addition to a relevant degree, applicants need to fulfil the requirements for English B/6. Please see universityadmissions.se for details on how to fulfil the English language requirements.

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