Master's Programme in Fashion Studies - Overview

(120 ECTS/120 Swedish credit points)

The first year of the Master's Programme deals with representations of fashion from a historical perspective as well as studies of fashion as material culture. Furthermore, students are introduced to relevant theories and methods within this academic field. Fashion as an industrial phenomenon is also in focus in order to highlight the diverse aspects of the topic. The students will equally have to attend optional courses at other departments during the first year of the Masters Programme.

The second year considers the methodology and theory for the upcoming thesis. Fashion's connections to various consumer culture theories are also part of the field of knowledge in Fashion Studies and intend to broaden the understanding of the distribution and marketing of fashion. Students attend also a proficiency course that enables them to deepen a certain area within their studies. The second year of the Master's Programme ends with an individual written thesis in academic English and at a high scientific level.

The Master's Programme prepares students for doctoral studies in Fashion Studies and related fields. Furthermore, the program can lead to employment within the broad fashion field, such as fashion journalism, fashion analysis, fashion marketing, financial analysis within the fashion industry and design profession with theoretical basis.

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Education Plan

Master's Programme in Fashion Studies 120 hec

Programme Outline

Please note that the Programme does not include any practical elements.

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