The Programme has an open and accommodating structure granting you relative freedom to shape the contents to your preference, including an elective semester abroad in the 2-year Programme.

The 1-year Programme is an option if you want to reach your degree faster and write a shorter thesis. Switching between the 1 and 2-year programmes is possible during the first semester.

A unique feature of the Cinema Studies Programme is that thesis seminars run from the first semester through the last, allowing you to share and develop ideas with your own cohort and with 2nd year students. Thesis supervisors are assigned early, already by the end of the first semester.

The first semester consists of two core courses focusing on theories, historiographies, methods, and research skills; introducing you to the field and laying the foundation for the rest of the Programme. Scientific Methods and Research Ethics takes a closer look a what science is, what knowledge is, and how knowledge is produced from a general philosophical viewpoint, and an overview of key contemporary debates in Cinema Studies is presented in Media Studies: Keywords for the Present.

Master's Programme in Cinema Studies - Overview

The second semester offers two advanced courses in Cinema Studies for the first half of the semester, of which one focuses on aspects of Swedish or Nordic Cinema. During the second part, there is a choice between a field study (a research-oriented internship course) or other electives at Stockholm University. The Field Study is conducted at a workplace of relevance for the area of Cinema Studies, such as production companies for film or television, organisations providing funding for production, museums or archives. The Field Study will result in a scholarly investigation of a chosen research problem or question.

The third semester is open for either exchange studies at Stockholm University's partner universities or electives in Cinema Studies and other subjects. English for Academic Research helps you improve productive skills (speaking and writing) for academic purposes with particular reference to participating in seminars, and writing a master’s thesis in English. One advanced course in Cinema Studies is always offered during the first part of this semester.

The last semester is fully devoted to a capstone in the form of a master’s thesis (dissertation), in which you, with guidance and supervision, identify one or several research questions, carry out independent research and present your findings in a final seminar.

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The Programme gives you access to cutting-edge courses, experiences and incubation at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship - SSES. Take advantage of courses in Design Thinking, Trendspotting, Social Entrepreneurship and many more with other students and alumni from Stockholm’s top five universities: Karolinska Institutet (KI), the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack), the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), and Stockholm University (SU). SSES courses can be included as electives.

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Education Plan

Master's Programme in Cinema Studies

Programme Outline 120 ECTS

Please note that the programme does not include courses in Film Production.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

(60 ECTS/60 Swedish credit points)

Programme Outline 60 ECTS

Please note that the programme does not include courses in Film Production.

Semester 1

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