Courses taught in English


We offer a wide range of courses (and programmes) taught in English. If you are an Exchange student, free mover or just plainly interested you may find what you search for here.

Many of the courses taught in English are second cycle/advanced level courses - often part of Master's programme - that requiers previuos knowledge and even Bachelor degrees or equivalent, but some on basic level are open for most students.


Animation Cinema: A Performative History, 7.5 ECTS

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Journalistic Writing, 7.5 credits

Proficiency course in journalism, ideal for students looking for complementary studies within a Master's Programme and to turn an academic text into a work of Science Journalism.

Courses taught in English - basic level

Courses on basic level taught in English are not very common at Stockholm University however at Department of Media Studies/Section for Cinema Studies you may find 15 ECTS credit courses that even give you a chance to get a full semester of 30 ECTS credits should you take the courses back to back.

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We offer high quality programmes and courses in areas such as Journalism, Media, Communication, Cinema Studies and Fashion Studies. The Department is one of the nation's leading research and education environment with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Follow the links in the menu at the left for more information about international courses at the Department of Media Studies.