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Nu blir det distansundervisning enbart.

Våra lokaler i Filmhuset kommer hållas stängda utom för anställda från och med 18/3. Undervisning kommer hållas på distans.

På din kurssida på Athena kommer information. Frågor rörande undervisning på din kurs ställs till kursansvarig. Biblioteket i Filmhuset är stängt 17/3-31/3. SU-biblioteket i frescati har begränsade tider.

    Studievägledningen nås tills vidare per epost via eller Athena chatten.
Ingen mottagning i Filmhuset

    Studentexpeditionen nås via

Eller telefon 08-6747627
Ingen mottagning i Filmhuset

Now it is distance learning only.

Our premises in Filmhuset will be closed except for employees from 18/3. The library at the Filmhuset is closed 17/3 - 31/3. SU-library in frescati limited opening.

Teaching will be done remote/distance learning. On your course page at Athena comes information. Questions regarding teaching on your course contact the course coordinator/teacher.

    The Student counsellor can be reached by email at or Athena chat.
No reception in Filmhuset.

    The student office can be reached via

Phone: 08-6747627
No reception in Filmhuset


Course information note:

* Schedule TimeEdit: final schedule one month before course start

Course texts: Two months before course start

Course outline: one month before course start

Advanced level/Second cycle (English)

Consumer Culture Theory and Fashion 7,5 credits (FS1406)

SCHEDULE TimeEdit-link      
Course texts Course outline   
FS1406_VT20 FS1406_VT20

Fashion and Materiality 7,5 credits (FS1408)

SCHEDULE TimeEdit-link      
Course texts Course outline  
FS1408_VT20 FS1408_KB_VT20

Fashion Studies - Master's Thesis, 30 credits (FS1112)

SCHEDULE TimeEdit-link      
Course texts Course outline  
FS1112_VT20 FS1112_KB_VT20