Five Alumni Mentors was invited to a Zoom Alumni Panel to talk about their Career and share tips to present International Master level Students.

24 students (including Alumni Mentors and Student Mentees from the Mentorshipprogramme) took part in the panel event.

Fruitful tips to Media Studies Students from the Panel was, amongs others:


Erika´s tips!

Erika has a MA Degree in Global Media Studies and is working as Digital Marketing Specialist at Schibsted Growth

  • Contacts are important, make internship, join network meetings, use your thesis to get contacts with companys. Key factors: Combine work with studies.
  • Keep on learning – Competence development. Find out your missing skills and work on them.

Gerinda´s tips!

Gerinda has a MA Degree in Cinema Studies and works as sales and account manager at indie game publisher Raw Fury.

  • Learn as much as you can trough an intership.
  • Small companys are growing and you can learn very much at a small company
  • ”Make the work place to need you”
  • Swedish is not always necessary, to get a job in Sweden, but depends on what kind of company you go to. The Gaming Industry is very international and there is no problem if you only speak English.

Luiza´s tips!

Luiza has an MA Degree in Global Media Studies and works with Internal Communications at The Public Helth Agency/ Folkhälsomyndigheten.

  • The career road is not always linear - the road can also be ”bumby”.
  • Learn Swedish fast and practice your Swedish if you want to find a job in Sweden after graduation. To work at Swedish authorities you need a good command of Swedish.

Rebecca´s tips!

Rebecca has an MA Degree in Global Media Studies and works as social Media Marketing Specialist at a Digital Marketing Agency Beet.

  • Stay open minded, have a portfolio.
  • To work in small agencys makes you have to try everything and more tasks - good way to learn.

Alba has an MA Degree in Fashion Studies and works as Chief Product Officer (CPO) Office Support at Acne Studios. 

Alba shared her thoughts why she got the opportunity to be hired at Acne Studio: 

It could have been the combination of a varied background, but I am quite certain that the recommendation and reference from a former classmate working at the company helped with taking the decision.


The panel event was moderated by Alumni Relations Coordinator Birgitta Fiedler.