Nabil Muhammad Photo: Kovuuri G. Reddy
Nabil Muhammad Photo: Kovuuri G. Reddy

What is the most important knowledge you gained from the Master programme at JMK?

"My experiences during the Master programme at JMK has a huge impact both on my personality and career. Coming from a foreign (South Asian) background, it was always challenging for me to cope up with the new context then with co-learners from other continents. In every courses and even in every group assignments in each courses I realized how much my knowledge enhanced and as a person I kept changing". 

Different Media Fields and mixed method approach

"The courses were versatile accommodating theories from different fields like media studies, criminology and political science etc. The method courses focused on both qualitative and quantitative researches which helped me a lot while writing my master thesis with a mixed method approach and then my PhD proposal to JMG that was accepted on the very first attempt.  

In JMG’s article PhD student, kickboxer & cricketer, we read that Nabil entered the Master Programme in Media and Communication Studies awarded the prestigious Swedish Institute Study Scholarship at JMK in 2012. He received his Masters degree 2014 and the degree gave him the merits to gain a PhD position at JMG, Gothenburg University".

Research topic: Revenge Porn

Nabil’s research project at JMG is based on social media and Internet, and concerns News media representation of online misogyny. His project concerns the same topic as his master thesis from JMK, From sex tapes to revenge porn: Construction of a genre. Gender, sexuality and power in new media.

This area is relatively unexplored and Nabil explores it through out qualitative research and stresses that it is a challenging area and that he as a researcher needs to be gentle towards the subject thought it is a complex issue.

Read more about Nabil in JMG’s  article.

JMG’s article PhD student, kickboxer & cricketer Photos, is made by: Kovuuri G. Reddy, JMG, Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Gothenburg

Nabil’s Master´s thesis from JMK.

About Nabil Md’s PhD Project at JMG.