We consist of five employees and have approximately 250 students. The current staff is trained in Art History and Theory, Cinema Studies, French Literature, Gender Studies, History and Economic History. We have students on all levels and fund and employ six PhD Students.

Over the years 2006−2018, we have had the privilege to invite visiting faculty: distinguished scholars whose expertise ranges from areas including Gender and Film Studies, Business and Economic History, Semiotics and Sociology. The visiting Faculty has included Christopher Breward, Patrizia Calefato, Richard Dyer, Caroline Evans, Jane Gaines, Vicki Karaminas, Yuniya Kawamura, Marcia Landy, Bo Lönnqvist, Eugenia Paulicelli, John Potvin, Aileen Ribeiro and Elizabeth Wilson. They have lectured at all levels, but also presented open lectures, introducing the latest findings in fashion studies research to a general public.

Further Information

As of January 1, 2012, the Centre for Fashion Studies became a part of the Department of Media Studies (IMS), which includes the former Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) and the Department of Cinema Studies. These have now become the Section for Journalism, Media and Communication and the Section for Cinema Studies, respectively. For information about research, courses, admission, degrees and other education-related topics, please send an e-mail to Fashion Studies