The workshop welcomes 16 participants come from various backgrounds, including: film, fashion, literature, theatre and art history. The goal is to bring researchers from disparate fields who may not previously have encountered each other into dialogue, to share expertise, and to develop new thinking.

Participants are Sarah Berry, Ian Christie, Marina Dahlquist, Caroline Evans, Jane Gaines, Mila Ganeva, Tag Gronberg, Eirik Frisvold Hanssen, Mariann Lewinsky Sträuli, Timothy Long, Jan Olsson, Marlis Schweitzer, Michelle Tolini Finamore, Marketa Uhlirova, Alessandra Vaccari, and Louise Wallenberg.

NB. The workshop is a closed event and not open for outside guests.

The workshop is produced with the support of Lobster Films, the Swedish Film Institute (SFI), EYE, Bundesarchiv, CNC, the Royal National Library (KB).

Thanks to the Hallwyl museum in Stockholm.