Photo: Catarina Heeckt
Photo: Catarina Heeckt
May 7 2015
16.00-17.00 in F-salen, Filmhuset, Stockholm

"This public lecture provides a particularly good moment in my own intellectual journey and provides me with a moment to pause and think about my research on fashion. It has been fifteen years since I published The Fashioned Body: fashion, dress and modern social theory (Polity, 2000) and in the time since publication there has been a veritable explosion in fashion scholarship.  I could not have imagined the rise of fashion studies when I submitted my manuscript in 1999. As a consequence, much of the original book is out of date.

Next year I will publish a revised second edition update the original text (Polity, 2015). In this paper I want to consider how I approached this, quite daunting (and emotional) task. In particular, I reflect back on the position of fashion scholarship in the late nineties as opposed to now, considering the reasons for the veritable explosion in literature during this time and the intellectual directions that this scholarship has taken.  The paper will also consider some of the directions that my own work has gone over this period, where I think my work sits now in relation to fashion studies and the directions - theoretical and empirical – I would like to see fashion studies move towards. " - Dr Joanne Entwistle.