Islamic State photos 'show Palmyra temple destruction', BBC reported in 2015 Photo: Jihadist website
Islamic State photos 'show Palmyra temple destruction', BBC reported on August 25, 2015. Photo: Jihadist website

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Agenda: "Destroy all idols" is a documentary book about ISIS attacks on museums, ancient monuments and statues during the Syrian War, how to understand those carefully staged acts of destruction and Syrian archeologists dangerous race to save the cultural heritage from fanatics and looters.

The research behind the book is extensive and includes travels to Syria, Turkey and France and interviews with archeologists, rebels, al-Assad-loyalists, terrorists, civilian eyewitnesses and the shadowy Antiquities Mafia.

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In Swedish: Drabbades bildstormarna av gudinnans förbannelse? (betallänk)

BBC: Islamic State photos 'show Palmyra temple destruction'

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