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Department of Media Studies

The Department of Media Studies at Stockholm university offers courses and conduct research in journalism, media, communication, fashion and cinema studies.

Covid 19

Forms of education Fall 2021 due to Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and in accordance with Stockholm University's guidelines and decisions, Autumn 2021 will look different from regular semesters.

MA Fashion newsletter

Master's students in Fashion Studies start Newsletter

Our former Master students in Fashion Studies have started a platform and a monthly newsletter where they critically reflect, explore and review fashion related issues.

Biden commits to cutting U.S. emissions in half by 2030. Photo: Daniel Megias © Mostphotos

Call For Papers: SAGE Special Issue with Earth in focus

SAGE guest editor and Stockholm University professor Miyase Christensen welcomes contributions from a wide variety of research fields to an upcoming special issue of the International Journal of Cultural Studies - On Mediations and the Environment: Earth in Focus.


IMS has a new website "EDUCATION"

There you will find information that concerns you as a student.

Olivia Eriksson Photo: Einar Baldursson

Dr. Olivia Eriksson successfully defended her PhD thesis today

Olivia Eriksson’s successfully defended her PhD thesis "Gallery Experience: Viewers, Screens and the Space In-Between in Contemporary Installation Art" at Stockholm University today March 11, 2021. The examination committee announced its unanimous verdict at about 4 PM today, saying that she had passed.

Erika Theissen Walukiewicz Foto: Karin Sundkvist

Erika Theissen Walukiewicz successfully defended her PhD thesis today

Erika Theissen Walukiewicz successfully defended her PhD thesis 'Ethical Encounters' at Stockholm University on February 5.


Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.


Forms of education Department of Media Studies Spring 2021

Due to Covid-19 and in accordance with Stockholm University's guidelines and decisions, the spring of 2021 will look different from regular semesters. Distance learning will be the main form of teaching.

Courses in English by subject Spring 2021

Click on your course and you will be directed to Stockholm University Course Catalogue where you find schedule, litterature etc.

Arctic landscape, arctic tundra and ice of the Arctic Ocean. Photo: Avstraliavasin/Mostphotos

Researcher: ”Arctic climate change is a supreme issue of planetary significance”

”As you know, we hit a record low Arctic sea-ice minimum this year, so unfortunately the stakes are even higher in many ways”, professor Miyase Christensen, Stockholm University, told IMS website on Monday. Yesterday she addressed the power politics that threatens the future of the region, as the Arctic Circle Mission Council gathered virtually this year.

Doron Galili Photo: JMK

He dives into the history of television

While many American histories of television only start with the public demonstrations in New York in 1939, research fellow Doron Galili, Stockholm University, digs even deeper into the television's origins. On Tuesday he recounted the history of tv in an interview with USC Professor Henry Jenkins.

Kari Andén-Papadopoulos, professor i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap. Foto: Privat/Okänd

Researcher: Images documenting the Syrian conflict could be lost forever

When the Arab uprisings washed over Syria almost a decade ago, videographers began documenting protests. But as the regime has regained control the unique historical source material could be wiped out, professor Kari Andén-Papapopoulos told IMS website last Friday. 


Current opening hours of the JMK library

The JMK library is currently only open for pre-booked visits weekdays 10.00-12.00. NOTE: during March, April and May 2021, the library will be closed on Mondays. Contact the library ( to make an appointment.

Greta Gober, postdoctoral fellow in Journalism, Stockholm University Photo: The University of Oslo

Women are less afraid of voicing gender equality demands in Polish film industry, says researcher

Almost 3 years after the first #MeToo tweet media researcher Greta Gober has tried to trace how the gender equality debate changed the Polish film industry. Tomorrow she will present her findings in a digital conference.

Jane Gaines Photo: Unknown

Professor: "Everyone assumed that men founded the film industry"

”Friends of those heads of industries wrote those first versions of what happened. And little by little it was forgotten that women were instrumental”, said Professor Jane Gaines, Columbia University, N.Y., newly awarded with an honorary doctorate degree by Stockholm University.

Old movie reels. Photo: Sved Oliver © Mostphotos

Domitor: Early Cinema, from Provenance to Media Archaeology: Notes from the Media Matter Conference

The 'Media Matter: Media-Archaeological Research and Artistic Practice' conference at Stockholm University last year "sought to rethink the relationship among media objects, materiality, history, and art practice by exploring a wide range of both well-known and forgotten media artifacts", writes Domitor's Hugo Ljungbäck.

VIDEO: Watch H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf's speech to the nation. Photo: Peter Knutson/The Royal Court

Expert: The king's speech to the nation eases the sense of danger

Two weeks ago H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf gave a speech to the nation. Media researcher Kristina Widestedt, at Stockholm University, specialized in the role of royals in society, told Politico on Wednesday that: "A comforting message helps ease the imminent sense of danger".

Studera, undervisa och arbeta på distans. Foto: Sirinarth Mekvorawuth © Mostphotos

Tips & tricks: Study, teach and work online

Information on how to study, teach and work online at Stockholm University gathered in one place at Also in Swedish at

Stockholm University transitions to distance learning from 18 March Photo: Andrey Popov © Mostphotos

The Department of Media Studies transitions to distance learning

The Department of Media Studies transitions to distance learning from 18 March 2020, due to the difficult situation caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus in Sweden.

Info Spring 2020

Course information Spring 2020

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IMS Fall 2019

All you need to know - Spring semester 2020

Winter is here (coming) but we have our focus on the Spring and the many courses/programmes starting Spring semester 2020. Check out the site with information regarding registration, schedule, course texts and more...

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