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The Department of Media Studies at Stockholm university offers courses and conduct research in journalism, media, communication, fashion and cinema studies.

Spring 19

Semester start Spring 2019

Schedules, course texts and registration information for courses starting Spring 2019

Kärleksmanifestation vid Sergels torg den 9 april 2017. Foto: Maria Nilsson

Researcher sheds light on press images from terror attack

Media researcher Maria Nilsson, Stockholm University, will analyze the images published by the Swedish dailies after the terror attack in Stockholm on 7 April 2017.

Michal Krzyzanowski i JMK-salen. Foto: Svante Emanuelli © 5 december 2018

Public lecture with Bonnier professor Michal Krzyzanowski | March 20

Welcome to a public lecture at JMK with Bonnier professor Michal Krzyzanowski on 20 March 2019, 15:00 - 17:00 in JMK-salen. The text will be updated.

Michal Krzyzanowski Foto: Svante Emanuelli © 2018

JMK Higher Seminar with Bonnier professor Michal Krzyzanowski | 4 April

Welcome to the JMK Higher Seminar with Bonnier professor Michal Krzyzanowski on April 4, 10:00-12:00 in Bangsalen. The text will be updated.

Microphone in the lecture hall JMK-salen, Department of Media Studies Photo: Svante Emanuelli © 2018

The un-civil discourse has become ’the new normal’

Un-civility has moved ”from the fringe” and ”into the mainstream of the public sphere”, Bonnier professor Michal Krzyzanowski, said during a panel at JMK last Wednesday.

Professor Stephen Hutchings från University of Manchester besöker JMK. Foto: Svante Emanuelli © 2018

Expert: Western media provides a simplistic image of Russian media

Western media often misrepresents Russian media, according to British researcher Stephen Hutchings, who participated in a media conference at Stockholm University last Thursday.

Demonstranter sörjer den dödade journalisten Gauri Lankesh. Foto: Skärmavbild SVT

"Freedom of the press is in decline in India"

When the media researcher Shakuntala Rao visited Sweden recently she expressed her deep concern for media freedom in her native country India. 

Greta Gober, postdoctoral fellow in Journalism, Stockholm University Photo: The University of Oslo

”Is the Polish film industry ready for #MeToo?”

One year after the #MeToo movement, the Kamera Akcja Film Critics Festival opened last Thursday in Poland, with a seminar on sexual violence and women's working conditions in the Polish film industry.

Miyase Christensen Photo: Unknown

"International media covers the Arctic in stereotypical ways"

The international media often focuses on glaciers and polars bears as it covers the Arctic region in a very stereotypical ways, researcher Miyase Christensen told Icelandic TV broadcaster RUV on Sunday in Reykjavik.

Shakuntala Rao i Stockholm Foto: Svante Emanuelli © sept. 2018

More women journalists than ever before in India, but their safety is deteriorating

“We have more women journalists than ever – but the conditions are becoming more difficult”, professor Shakuntala Rao, SUNY, said Tuesday, describing the media landscape in her native country India.

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