This field overlaps her second area of expertise, feminist film theory. She is particularly interested in women's agency in the field of film production with an emphasis on women film pioneers active during 1910s and 1920s in Sweden. In addition, Soila is currently doing research on Swedish actress and film director Mai Zetterling and the discourses around her public persona during the career in Sweden and in the UK.

Besides her doctoral dissertation, Kvinnors ansikte, stereotyper och kvinnlig identitet i trettiotalets svenska filmmelodram [The Face of Woman, Stereotypes and Female Identity in Swedish Film Melodrama of the 1930s] (Stockholm, 1991), she has published Att synliggöra det dolda. Om fyra svenska kvinnors filmregi [To Expose the Hidden. About the film direction of four Women in Sweden], (Eslöv: Brutus Östlings Förlag Symposion,2004).

She has edited or co-edited: Dialoger. Feministisk filmteori i praktik, [Dialogues: Feminist Film Theory in Practice], Aura, Stockholm; Soila, T - Söderbergh Widding, A - Iversen, G: Nordic National Cinemas, a History of Popular Film (London: Routledge, London, 1998); Cinema of Scandinavia, 24 Frames (London: Wallflower Press, 2005). Forthcoming: Soila and Habel (eds.): Star, Celebrity, Persona: Perspectives on Vernacular European Stardom in Film and TV (London: John Libbey Publishing).


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