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    Department of Media Studies

    The Department of Media Studies at Stockholm university offers courses and conduct research in journalism, media, communication, fashion and cinema studies.

    Available position: 1 PhD student in Journalism

    PhD student in Journalism at the Department of Media Studies. Closing date: 18 April 2017. Ref. No. SU FV-0682-17


    Available position: PhD student in Media and Communications Studies

    Available position: PhD student in Media and Communications Studies at the Department of Media Studies. Closing date: 18 April 2017. Ref. No. SU FV-0683-17


    Laura Aguiar Photo: Unknown

    Inspiring International Master Alumni Event

    25 IMS Alumni, students and staff met last Friday at JMK for an inspiring afternoon listening to guest alumni Laura Santos Lopes de Aguiar.

    Fataneh Farahani gives the opening keynote at “A Second Home”, March 8, 2017. Photo: Martin Karlsson

    Where is home?

    Fataneh Farahani, Associate Professor at Stockholm University’s Department of Ethnology, Gender Studies and History of Religions, gave the opening keynote at the Global Media Café "A Second Home: Mediating Borders and Hospitality" on March 8, 2017.

    Photo: Unknown

    Filming Revolution

    Guest lecture and screening by Alisa Lebow, University of Sussex. Alisa Lebow is a film scholar/practitioner whose research concerns issues related to documentary film, recently to do with questions of ‘the political’ in documentary.

    Christian Christensen

    'Last night in Sweden' was a figment of Trump's Fox News-inspired imagination

    Read Professor Christian Christensen op-ed article in the Guardian about Trump's speech referring to 'Last night in Sweden'.

    Stockholm University Play

    VIDEO: Populism and the dangers of anti-liberal communication

    Watch the recorded public lecture with professor Silvio Waisbord, George Washington University, from last Wednesday.

    Immigrants with Swedish flag Photo: Folmer © 2013 Mostphotos

    Hard to stop circulation of fake news

    – Once the rumour has been spread there is no point in trying to deny it, said Christian Christensen Professor in Journalism, Stockholm University, to the French newspaper Le Monde, regarding the false reports that have been spread by Conservative media abroad.

    Silvio Waisbord Photo: Svante Emanuelli © 2016

    Trump’s populism threatens freedom of the press

    American professor Silvio Waisbord is currently visiting JMK where he will give a public talk about the new media landscape in the US.

    José Van Dijck Photo: KNAW

    The platform society. Public values in a connective world.

    Welcome to a Bonnier Lecture with professor José van Dijck, University of Utrecht, on April 27.

    Professor Robert Entman Photo: George Washington University March 29, 2010

    Public Lecture: What's Ailing US Politics?

    Welcome to the Public lecture "What's Ailing US Politics?" on May 17 at Stockholm University with professor Robert Entman, George Washington University (USA).

    Donald J. Trump new USA president TV news Photo: ifeelstock © 2016

    Professor attacks incoming US President

    “People should not respect the President simply because the President holds the position", writes professor Christian Christensen, in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

    Foto: Telefónica in Deutschland © 2012 Flickr CC

    Dissertation about Uppdrag granskning to be presented

    On November 25 Magnus Danielson will present his dissertation "The investigating power" about SVT's TV programme Uppdrag granskning.

    Paula von Wachenfeldt, Head of studies at the Centre for Fashion studies Photo: Anna-Karin Landin

    Fashion research in focus

    Luxury and sustainability in the clothing industry were two of the topics on the agenda when the Global Fashion Conference was organized at Stockholm University 20-21 October.

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